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Sometimes taking a break helps you to regroup and gain clarity on your life. Taking breaks can be liberating, especially from things that somehow hold you hostage.  I think we all deserve a break from things even if it’s what we enjoy. Too much of anything isn’t good, right?
The last two months have been crazy! As usual, I was running around with my cape on being superwoman and one day I just couldn’t keep up with myself. I felt like I didn’t have a handle on any part of my life. For someone that’s type A and organized to the core, this triggered my anxiety and developed a beast! I felt ashamed because I was losing track of all the things I once had under control.
One day, oh just one sweet day, I lost it. I gave up the fight. I stopped fighting with myself to have it all together and I called for back up. The thing about being superwoman is that you do everything for yourself and others, and it’s hard to see who care and support you because YOU’RE literally in the way. I was just that, and I couldn’t live there long. I finally did it, I stepped down and asked for help.
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Asking for help requires transparency and vulnerability.  Therefore, I was not sure how to go about asking for help because it was all too foreign, but I knew I just couldn’t go on any longer. Graduate school was my initial cry for help. I asked for extensions in which the professor was 100% on-board with. Because I needed help to gain control of my life, I took time off for work, in which my supervisor saw the cry for help in my eyes. I took a break from blogging because if you are a consistent reader, you know I am transparent and expose a lot. I needed to bring it all in for a second. I was in dire need of help. I literally shut down.
The lesson I can take from my experience is… I can still be strong and superwoman slaying and saving lives, but there’s nothing wrong with needing to slow down or asking for help. Why do we shame ourselves or others for needing just that, help? Why are we so afraid or prideful to ask for help? These are some of the questions I took about a month to explore because I was curious as to why I felt too good to ask for it. I hope by reading this you ask yourself the same in return.

owl picAbout the Author:     My name is Tysheira and I am the creator of Leave Inspired. I am pursuing my MSW specializing in Mental Health. My goal is to become a Licensed Counselor Social Worker (LCSW) to help treat those that suffer from Mood and Anxiety Disorders. I am passionate about Mental Health and working on various ways to raise awareness and normalize it in the African American community. You can get in contact with me at Leave Inspired.



  1. Hi Tysheira, thank you for sharing your experience. It was very empowering to read. I think feeling ashamed about asking for help is a struggle that many deal with, and you capture this excellently. I would love to feature this post on my site if I have your permission. Here are some examples of stories I have already shared from other inspiring people. https://themindconnectory.wordpress.com/category/inspirational-stories/
    All the best

  2. I think this goes back to when we were kids. Strength was always synonymous with independence. We were also told to only tell on the “important” things, the things that could get somebody hurt. But, that is not always the right way to go about telling, or in this case asking for help. “If you want something right do it yourself” is one of the most common phrases. It’s a new day and a lot of that jibberish is just that. I also feel it’s hard to ask for help because it’s easy to feel like what I’m going through is not “that bad” but we know where too many “not that bads” can lead you. The key is knowing who to ask and knowing your limits.

    1. Absolutely. I definitely agree with you. Much of what we go through is because of our upbringing. Or a sign of weakness, if we ask for help. Observing and listening to our bodies are the first signs to begin the process of asking for help!

  3. You are right. I have been trying to be strong fighting alone since I was 15 and the worst was for a year and a half until last week when I couldn’t get off bed anymore. I cried. I cried for help. I let it all out and took a break. I thought I need to just keep going. I was wrong. I need to rest and ask for help. it is the most beautiful thing I have done.

    1. Getting to a breaking point is a cry for help. Sometimes asking for help is the best thing. When we have a good support system. Listen to your body. Thanks for sharing 💛

  4. It is certainly super important to ask for help! I have a difficult time with this, as well. I’ve learned that help (from those I trust/who will understand) is the best way to grow! Thank you so much for sharing this! Great read and tons of wisdom that others needs to read 🙏🏽

  5. It’s encouraging to hear that others feel this way too. Makes you feel less alone. I tend to isolate myself when I feel overwhelmed. This is a good reminder to ask for help.

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