Emotional Regulation & Art: Using Art As A Coping Mechanism

Have your emotions ever spun out of control? If you are human, of course, they have! Can you believe emotional regulation is something we are not born with? Usually, emotions and moods are used interchangeably.  But today, I want to clarify my perspective of emotions. Continue reading “Emotional Regulation & Art: Using Art As A Coping Mechanism”

Schedule A Session With Me

If you are new to my site, welcome! If you are apart of my social media family, thanks for your continued support!  If you follow me on FB and IG you already know my family and I recently relocated to California. Yep, I am officially a Cali girl for a few years! With such a move, a lot of transitions are happening for us, including my career.  If you have not read my About Me page please check it out.  I discussed my passion and ultimate goal for Therapist Married to Navy. Continue reading “Schedule A Session With Me”