Anger Management: Helping Children Manage Anger

Let me just say, my young child comes with a lot of uncontrolled anger! She has definitely tested my “hood” characteristics, lol… frequently and on many occasions.  Therefore, I am practicing what I preach (as a therapist), day in and out!
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How Imagination Helps In Raising Children

While raising children, parents need to wear different hats during the day. You need to be a singer, entertainer, dancer to calm your baby, multitasking jangler of different tasks at the same time. Believe me, you learn a lot!
But sometimes general approach just doesn’t work. And the advice you’ve received from your friends, also parents, may not help with your child. This is the time when you as a parent need to discover something new… Continue reading “How Imagination Helps In Raising Children”

Strategies For Communicating With Your Teen

dayne-topkin-78982-unsplashLet’s face it, having sex-related topics, including relationships, STDs and pregnancy with my tweens is always an uncomfortable topic for me. Ironic right, as my profession is indeed counseling to adolescents and their families.  But it is a positive parenting practice with hopes to have a positive factor when my girls’ have to make choices.  I still feel as though they are too young to be exposed to that stuff.  But I also know it’s 2018, times have changed and I’m nowhere near ready to be a grandmother or deal with other issues tied to young teens and sex!  So, no topic is beyond reproach. Continue reading “Strategies For Communicating With Your Teen”