Emotional Regulation & Art: Using Art As A Coping Mechanism

Have your emotions ever spun out of control? If you are human, of course, they have! Can you believe emotional regulation is something we are not born with? Usually, emotions and moods are used interchangeably.  But today, I want to clarify my perspective of emotions. Continue reading “Emotional Regulation & Art: Using Art As A Coping Mechanism”

Schedule A Session With Me

If you are new to my site, welcome! If you are apart of my social media family, thanks for your continued support!  If you follow me on FB and IG you already know my family and I recently relocated to California. Yep, I am officially a Cali girl for a few years! With such a move, a lot of transitions are happening for us, including my career.  If you have not read my About Me page please check it out.  I discussed my passion and ultimate goal for Therapist Married to Navy. Continue reading “Schedule A Session With Me”

Purposeful Goal Setting: A Guide to Setting & Achieving Goals

We hear a lot about the importance of goal setting.  But many tend to discuss when they achieved their goal versus “how” they achieved their goal.  I for one, am an asker (Ha, is this even a word?).  I love getting ideas from individuals who have achieved a (similar) goal that I may be working towards or have plans to start.  I think many people spend a lot of time thinking about what they want from life and how can they achieve it?  But, many fail to create realistic purposeful goals. Continue reading “Purposeful Goal Setting: A Guide to Setting & Achieving Goals”

Anger Management: Helping Children Manage Anger

Let me just say, my young child comes with a lot of uncontrolled anger! She has definitely tested my “hood” characteristics, lol… frequently and on many occasions.  Therefore, I am practicing what I preach (as a therapist), day in and out!
Continue reading “Anger Management: Helping Children Manage Anger”


If you are a person of all things, chances are, you have a routine.  Why? Because creating routines are essential to a successful life.  Sometimes the routine works for you, but there are times you may not work your routine.  In a previous blog, I shared with you the benefits of a routine.  There were some great tips to get you started with your routines in Why Routines Are Important for Your Mental Health.  You can easily integrate some of the tips from that article into your daily routines.  But let’s be honest, being consistent with routines can be difficult.  I am a woman of many tasks as I shared with you in Resilience in Military Spouses and Resilience in Military Spouses..Part 2. Continue reading “MY MORNING ROUTINE”

Why Routines Are Important for Your Mental Health

Routine (noun.) a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program
Routines. Most commonly, we hear and refer to routines when we are talking about young children. I often hear parents talking about not wanting to get their toddler off their routine, because then they become difficult (and usually cranky!). Continue reading “Why Routines Are Important for Your Mental Health”

I Played the Blame Game

Many years ago I blamed my parents’ for not paving the path for me to do great things.  Or the mere fact I had to work harder than the next person to live a comfortable life because the foundation for success was unspoken of in my home.  Blaming others for where we are in life does not change our current position. We are where we are, until we make a choice to be in a better place.  Undoubtedly, I needed someone to take the blame to justify what I considered to be my failure.  My maladaptive behaviors were a result of my cognitive distortions which had me believing, I am less than. I was hurting while I tried to figure out life, as I desperately wanted to know how could I possibly make it out of high school as a teen mom, or go to college, etc.? A long time ago, I decided not to let my past define who I am.  Although my past plays a significant role in my life, I am not my past. I decided to make a choice in my life to accept where I am and accept what is. Once I recognized the “what is” of my life, I grew mentally and emotionally.  I learned the power of self-love and created my own path to success.Quote on starting over
Today is a great day to accept the “what is.”  What keeps you from accepting your “what is?”  Stay encouraged!
Tren B.

Get to know Me!

Welcome to my site, my name is Trenye.  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida.  For the past five years, I have worked with risky adolescents and their families. One of my ultimate goals is to facilitate positive social change for individuals and the community.  I am married to the most attentive man in the world. We recently celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary in July.  Together, he and I have five daughters.  Our youngest is a set of twin girls.  We are a non-traditional, proud and hardworking military family (more to come on that subject) that loves to live, love, and laugh.  Below are a few pictures of my loves!

Although the military life has helped me to define my weakness and strengths, this site will cover far more than military.  Sometimes we need a relatable individual with real-life experiences to believe and know “I can!” Therefore, I started this site specifically for individuals (young and old) who have a desire to be…anything they want despite life obstacles. A phenomenal individual (my husband ;o)) once told me, “when you can relate, you can connect.” Let’s connect!
Visiting my site you can expect to learn what a non-traditional life looks like for a military spouse/family, parenting, relationships, education/career, trauma-informed care strategies, self-love, resiliency, goal setting and much more!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Please leave a comment to let me know you visited and if you have specific topics for discussions.  Stay encouraged!